Our winners from previous waves who have already received support from the EBRD
Introducing the participants and winners of the "Climate Innovation Vouchers" project - The Good Plastic Company, which produces Polygood material from [...]
Research and production company "Zond" develops technologies for energy efficiency and savings on a large scale in industrial, commercial and infrastructure facilities. […]
Charge Group is an integrated controller for managing charging stations for electric cars with a billing system and a WiFi point. The first charging station […]
The Ukrainian company Hempire manufactures ecological building material based on industrial (technical) hemp. Eco-construction uses materials based on […]
"AGK Ukraine" manufactures a spray bottle for medicines, which allows you to safely store them without a refrigerator. The company has developed a new packaging format [...]
"VTS Komplekt" deals with commercial ventilation and manufactures ventilation automation systems. "VTS Komplekt" created an innovative project Сardboard AHU. This […]
For many people, the biggest investment in life is in a house. And it is extremely important to understand the parameters of the living environment, [...]
TOKA is a Ukrainian network of charging stations for electric vehicles with a "smart" energy load balancing system. They develop their own chargers […]
The PRANA company is the author and manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation systems based on a copper heat exchanger. PRANA recuperators have proven their effectiveness [...]
VASolutions Estonia developed the Prengi online service for comprehensive energy monitoring of real estate of companies with an extensive branch network. The company's product allows you to automate...
Early detection of mycotoxins in agricultural crops allows to save significant resources for logistics, analysis, detoxification and grain processing. This […]
GO TO-U aims to reduce the carbon footprint by facilitating the spread of electric vehicles. The platform serves as a digital foundation for charging point operators, significantly […]
The company has developed the technology of 3D printing with titanium wire of parts designed to work under conditions of high loads, weather conditions and extreme temperatures, [...]
The company replaces bronze in the production of sliding bearings with black scrap metal. The anti-friction alloy developed by the company allows the manufacture of a sliding bearing [...]
Thanks to the voucher, the company: Received a new on-board computer and battery controller for electric bikes. Advanced frame design Protected intellectual property [...]
The Meest Express company has developed a software system for optimizing trunk routes for optimal loading of vans delivering postal cargo. The system [...]
The Ukrainian company SolarGaps has developed blinds with solar panels that collect solar energy. The collected energy can be used to power […]
The Ukrainian company Integro-SD specializes in the production of organic fertilizer from chicken droppings on a biogas plant of its own design. These fertilizers help […]


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