ZOND Research and Production Company (Ivano-Frankivsk) – a device for measuring the calorific value of natural gas.

Research and production company "Zond" develops technologies for energy efficiency and savings on a large scale in industrial, commercial and infrastructure facilities.

Measuring calorific value is technologically more difficult due to the compressibility of natural gas. Developers from the research and production company "Zond" created a device called GAS-Hi-Q, which determines the calorific value of natural gas and has a number of advantages over traditional measurement methods. This device, which is cheaper compared to other systems, does not need to burn a gas sample to determine the calorific value and allows you to quickly get results online.

Thanks to the voucher, the developers were able to conduct metrological tests and certify their device. The team paid for a metrology study to be issued with a certificate of conformity assessment and market research to understand how the market field has changed and the opportunity to enter it.

"Zond" NVF wants to make the gas market more transparent, where the consumer will receive real information about how much energy he has consumed.

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