Answers to frequently asked questions about the Project

General questions

The next wave of applications will begin in the spring of 2023. Follow the updates on the website and social media pages.

Usually, the acceptance of grant applications lasts up to 2 months from the date of the official announcement of the start.


You can ask your question in the feedback form at the bottom of the page or write to us by email: [email protected]


About participants

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To what extent is the proposed project able to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases? 
  • Scaling and use in other sectors. Is this technology / product scalable? Can innovations related to this technology be used / implemented in other sectors / verticals / industries? 
  • The level of innovation. To what extent will this technology / product push the innovation frontier? Is it a completely new product or just an adaptation / new version of an existing solution?
  • Market potential. To what extent can this technology / product / project develop the climate innovation market? Can it increase the company's market share or change the entire climate innovation ecosystem in Ukraine?
  • Realism of embodiment. How likely and realistic is the successful implementation of this technology/product/project, taking into account the project team, its experience and management culture?
  • The company implements or develops climate-friendly technologies 
  • It is a registered legal entity (private company) on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Has been active for at least 1 year before applying  
  • Belongs to a small and medium-sized business 
  • Ready to co-finance the project (payment of services within the framework of the project) in the amount of at least 25% from the amount of the grant 
  • Municipal and state enterprises, public organizations and as individual entrepreneurs (FOP) cannot be participants in the Project. 
  • The company or its owners are subject to restrictive measures (sanctions) in Ukraine, the EU and the USA. 
  • The company is registered and/or operates in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. 
  • The company was declared insolvent during the last 1 (one) year before the application form was submitted 
  • The Company represents a reputational risk for the EBRD and/or the Project Manager in accordance with the Executive Policies and Procedures of the EBRD (EBRD Enforcement Policy and Procedures). 
  • The company works in the field of alcohol, tobacco or gambling business. 
  • Research and Development. These services include any research services that provide: 
    • design services 
    • industrial design for the product 
    • customizing the product for a new type of customer or a new area/application 
    • development of algorithms 
  • Testing. These services include any testing of specific hardware or software. These include (but are not limited to): 
    • hardware testing 
    • testing of installations 
    • use of precise testing tools 
  • Certification. This type of service includes obtaining any certification documents that allow the Applicant to implement climate technologies and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions or improve its market position: 
    • national certification 
    • influential performance tests  
    • certification of international organizations 
  • Registration and protection of intellectual property (IP) for inventions, utility models, trademarks, signs for goods and services: 
    • patent search 
    • intellectual property expertise 
    • determining the best ways to protect IP 
    • national and international registration of patents, trademarks and trademarks for goods and services 
    • national and international protection of intellectual property rights 
  • Development of IT components. This type of services may include the development of software components for products or projects that allow reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a given company, or are part of the Applicant's product or services. 
  • Technological consulting and audit. This type of service may include professional advice on business innovation; assessment of shortcomings and directions for improvement of technological processes. 
    • development of environmental passports 
    • environmental audit 
    • energy consumption monitoring 
    • development of energy consumption standards 
    • consultations on energy security 
  • Other services. The above list of services is not exhaustive. If the Applicant can demonstrate that significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved using other services, the Project Manager may approve such service with the consent of the EBRD. 
  • Applicant registration on climate.biz. 
  • Filling out a complete application by the Applicant 
  • Evaluation of the application by professional experts  
  • Presentation of the project by the Applicant in case of receiving a positive assessment 
  • Announcement of Applicants-winners of the wave of selection nominated to sign the Grant Agreement with the EBRD 
  • Announcement of the winners of the selection wave
  • Conclusion of contracts by the winners of the selection wave with service providers provided for in the framework of project applications 
  • Conclusion of the Grant Agreement between the EBRD and the winners of the selection wave, the winners receiving the status of Beneficiary of the Climate Innovation Vouchers Project 
  • Implementation of the project by the Beneficiary within the framework of the Grant Agreement 
  • Monitoring by the Project Manager of the status of the Beneficiary's project implementation  
  • Submission by the Beneficiary of a report on the implementation of the project and the receipt of services from service providers 
  • Conducting an audit of the Beneficiary's project results by the Project Manager 
  • Payment of grant funds to the Beneficiary's bank account 

About service providers

  • A registered private or public company or FOP (private entrepreneur)  
  • At least 2 years of experience in providing services in the relevant field 
  • All permits are available (licenses, certificates, etc.) 
  • Has recommendations from at least 2 companies that have provided services similar to those required for the implementation of the competitive project during the last 2 years.
  • Registered as a utility enterprise or public organization 
  • The company or its owners are subject to restrictive measures (sanctions) in Ukraine, the EU and the USA. 
  • The service provider or its separate units are registered and/or operate in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine or in the Russian Federation. 
  • The company is related to the Participant whose project it plans to implement
  • Membership in national industry associations
  • Membership in international industry associations 
  • Availability of certificates of international certification bodies or organizations 
  • Availability of state certificates/licenses 
  • Experience in providing services and performing works under the projects of the EBRD and other international financial organizations and donors.

The Applicant/Beneficiary and the Service Provider working within the same Competitive Project cannot be related. They are considered related under the following conditions, but not exclusively: 

  • Any of the employees responsible for making decisions of the Applicant/Beneficiary, or members of their families, owns a share in the company of the Service Provider, and vice versa. 
  • Any of the employees responsible for making the decisions of the Applicant/Beneficiary is in a legal relationship with the Service Provider that provides for the payment of remuneration for the benefit of such an employee (for example, is a part-time employee, under a CPC contract, or a consultant), and vice versa. 
  • Any of the employees responsible for making decisions in the company of the Applicant/Beneficiary is a related person (family members, close acquaintances) with the employees responsible for making decisions in the company of the Service Provider, and vice versa. 

In case of finding out that the Applicant/Beneficiary and the Service Provider are connected within the same Competitive Project, the Project Manager initiates the process of termination of any cooperation within the Climate Innovation Vouchers Project. In this case, the EBRD will oblige the Beneficiary to return the funds received under the Climate Innovation Vouchers Project, in accordance with the terms of the Grant Agreement.


Thank you for your interest in the Climate Innovation Vouchers Project. Follow our news and submit your email. We will notify you about the start of a new wave of the Project and other important events.
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