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The first wave of the call of proposals starts on April 22 in Ukraine and on DATE in Belarus

Usually, one call lasts up to 2 months, starting from the official launch.

You can send us a message using the contact form below the page or write to the email: civ@greencubator.info


  • GHG reduction. To which extent a proposed project is capable of reducing CO2 and other GHG emissions? 
  • Adaptability and scalability. Can this technology be scaled? Does this innovation have application in other sectors/verticals/industries? 
  • Innovation level. To what extent will this technology advance climate innovations? Is this a new product or just the adaptation/ new version of the existing solution? 
  • Market potential. How this technology/product/project can develop the market of climate innovations. Can it increase Beneficiaries’ market share or change the whole climate innovations ecosystem of Ukraine?

  • The company wants to develop or implement technologies that reduce the negative impact on the climate 
  • The company is a legal person registered in Ukraine or Belarus.  
  • The company has been provided a business activity at least 2 years before the project submission date. 
  • The company is a small or medium business 
  • The company is ready to cover at least 25% of the total project cost.

  • Communal or state enterprises, public organizations, physical person entrepreneurs (FOP) can not be applicants 
  • Restrictive measures (sanctions) are applied to the company or its owners in Ukraine, the EU, and the USA. 
  • The company is registered, located and/or work at the occupied territories, which the Ukrainian government does not control 
  • The company was declared insolvent during the last 2 years before the application submission date 
  • The Company poses a reputational risk to the EBRD and/or the Project Manager following the EBRD Enforcement Policies and Procedures
  • The company produces alcohol, tobacco, or gambling.

  • Research and development (R&D). These services include any scientific and research services which provide: 
    • Design 
    • The industrial design of a product 
    • Adapting product for different client/use case 
    • Algorithm development 
  • Testing. These services include any testing of specific equipment or software. They include (but are not limited to) the following: 
    • Equipment testing 
    • Hardware products testing 
    • Using precision tools for testing purposes 
  • Certification. This type of services includes obtaining any certification documents allowing the Applicant to sell his climate technologies and reduce his GHG emissions to improve its market position: 
    • National certification 
    • Influential benchmark testing 
    • International certification 
  • Intellectual property protection. Includes IP protection of inventions, models, trademarks, logos and signs: 
    • Patent research 
    • IP expertise 
    • Defining IP protection tactics 
    • National and international registration of patents, trademarks, signs for goods and services 
    • National and international IP protection 
  • IT component development. This type of service can include developing software components for products or projects, reducing GHG emissions as a part of a company’s business processes or its products. 
  • Other services. This list is not comprehensive. If an Applicant proves that considerable GHG emissions reduction using other services than listed above, the Project Manager may propose this project for funding.

  • Registration on the climate.biz.  
  • Filling in the application by the Applicant
  • Evaluation of the application by professional experts 
  • The project presentation by the Applicant in case of receiving a positive assessment 
  • Announcements of the selection wave winners that nominated for the signing of the Grant Agreement with the EBRD

  • Announcement of the selection wave winners 
  • Concluding the contract between the winners and the service providers specified in the project applications 
  • Concluding the Grant Agreement between the EBRD and the winners and becoming the Climate Innovation Vouchers Project Beneficiary 
  • Implementation of the project by the Beneficiary within the Grant Agreement 
  • The Project Manager monitors the status of the Beneficiary’s project implementation 
  • The Beneficiaries report on project implementation and receipt of services from service providers 
  • The Project Manager carries out the audit of the project results 
  • Payment of the grant funds to the Beneficiaries’ bank account


  • Legal persons, either privately or state-owned, individual entrepreneurs
  • Must possess at least 2 years of experience in rendering services required by the Participants for his project
  • Must have all the necessary permits (licenses, certificates, etc.) 
  • Must provide recommendations from at least 2 companies containing their feedback on satisfaction/ quality of services that have been provided during the last 2 years

  • Register as a communal or state enterprises, public organizations
  • Restrictive measures (sanctions) are applied to the company or its owners in Ukraine, the EU, and the USA. 
  • The service provider or its separate subdivisions are registered, located work at the occupied territories, which the Ukrainian government does not control or in the Russian Federation
  • The сompany is associated with the Applicant whose project it plans to implement

  • Membership in national industry associations
  • Membership in international industry associations
  • Certificated from international certification bodies
  • State certificates for services/expertise
  • Experience in providing services within the projects implemented by EBRD or other international financial institutions or donors

Applicant/Beneficiary and Service providers can not be related persons. These two parties will be considered to be related if one of the following conditions are met:

  • Any decision-makers in Applicants/Beneficiary company owns a stake in Service Provider company (or vice versa)
  • Any decision-makers in Applicant/Beneficiary company is in a legal relationship with a Service Provider decision-maker (and vice versa) which provides for the payment of remuneration in favor of such employee. For instance, is a part-time employee, contractor, or  consultant.
  • Any of the Applicant/Beneficiary coworkers responsible for decision-making is related (spouse, brother, son) to the Service Provider’s decision-making personnel.

Suppose at any time of implementation of the Project, the Project Manager will find out that a Beneficiary and Service provider are related. In that case, any cooperation with both these parties will be canceled. Participants of the project who received any funds from EBRD will return these funds.

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