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Greencubator provides innovation support, business development, capacity building, and policy advice services in sustainable development and green economy. By supporting cleantech entrepreneurship, enabling green education, promoting sustainable policies, and developing community projects, Greencubator is growing the green GDP of Ukraine and Eastern Europe.



Greencubator designs and implements programs for strengthening the cleantech innovations ecosystem and accelerating low-carbon growth. The key essential focus areas are:

  • Climate Innovations and green entrepreneurship support. 
  • Sustainable innovations for communities.  
  • Research and advisory services. 
  • Educational projects.  
  • Policy advisory.




Roman Zinchenko


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CIVITTA is a leading independent management consultancy in Emerging Europe. The company operates in 16 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Kosovo. CIVITTA provides management consulting and implementation services to corporations, start-ups, SMEs, governments and NGOs, delivering great value for the money price points.


CIVITTA challenges the traditional norms of management consulting, providing quality advisory talent that delivers results at a value for money price point. We help our clients from private companies to governments and non-profits to challenge their own industries by becoming more innovative, efficient and dynamic.


Our team has strong educational credentials, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values. We are analytically rigorous, delivering fact-based advice to get the job done. In doing so, we provide great value for money price point.


Vladislav Shumsky


The EBRD is the largest international institutional investor in Belarus and Ukraine. To date, the Bank has made a cumulative commitment of almost €14.6 billion through 488 projects since the start of its operations in Ukraine and €3 billion through 142 projects. The Bank has ambitions to become the majority green bank by 2025.


The EU Neighborhood Investment Platform (NIP) supports projects in the transport, energy, financial, social and environmental sectors by combining EU grant resources with loans from European development financing institutions.



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