The Ukrainian company BIOsens has developed a mobile laboratory that allows you to quickly and accurately detect toxic compounds mycotoxins in grain crops right in the field, without the need to send samples for expensive analysis in a laboratory and wait several days for results.

Early detection of mycotoxins in agricultural crops allows to save significant resources for logistics, analysis, detoxification and grain processing. This, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions into the environment.

Thanks to a grant from the EBRD under Climate Innovation Vouchers, BIOsens engaged a leading industrial design company to create engineering prototypes for production launch.

Also, thanks to the voucher, the BIOsens team developed a new mobile application and complete technical documentation for small-scale production.

The company entered the FoodTech TOP-500 list and is currently negotiating pilot projects with a number of agricultural companies and grain traders.

More in the project greencubator and Ukrainian "Green Expedition":


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