AGK Ukraine

 "AGK Ukraine" manufactures a spray bottle for medicines, which allows you to safely store them without a refrigerator.

The company has developed a new packaging format for pharmaceuticals that allows them to be safely stored without refrigeration during transportation, sale or at the consumer's home. The container is intended for those drugs, the substances in which can be stored for a long time in a dry, undiluted state, but have a short shelf life after mixing with a solution. In this design, the dry active substance is separate from the solution, and the patient can mix the drug himself immediately before use.

Long-term storage or transportation of drugs in this format does not require cold storage, and the elimination of refrigerators reduces the carbon footprint of the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the Climate Voucher, the company managed to obtain technological consulting for the implementation of the project, develop and test a functional model for storing the drug that meets the necessary requirements and declared characteristics.


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