TOKA is a Ukrainian network of charging stations for electric vehicles with a "smart" energy load balancing system.

They develop their own charging stations and supply stations of foreign manufacturers to the Ukrainian market, build a network of electric charging complexes, and also act as a CPO (charging point operator) with the help of their own cloud platform and mobile application, that is, they manage the charging process. Accessible charging points will make electric cars more attractive, so TOKA hopes to stimulate the transition to "green" personal transport.

With the support of vouchers, TOKA has improved its network of charging stations and its management software to offer charging access to European customers, like a roaming service in mobile networks.

The company also involved a leading Ukrainian industrial design studio to design a new model of charging stations.

Since the introduction of the new OCPP roaming protocol, TOKA has provided more than 289,000 charging sessions for customers and continues to develop its network.

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