The Ukrainian company Hempire manufactures ecological building material based on industrial (technical) hemp.

Eco-construction uses materials based on natural components, as well as raw materials that do not emit toxic substances.

It can be wood, straw, hemp, bamboo, rammed earth, mushroom mycelium, etc. In a year, hemp increases plant mass more than a 50-year-old forest, actively absorbing carbon dioxide. One hectare of hemp during the growth period can absorb up to 10 tons of CO from the atmosphere2.

The Hempire company has developed the material Hempire-mix, which can be used in construction for insulation or instead of concrete and bricks. It is made from crushed stalks of industrial hemp, water and a binder based on lime, without the use of any toxic components.

The climate voucher enabled the company to obtain certificates for further entry into the local and European markets.

As of the beginning of 2020, Hempire has already implemented up to 60 projects in Ukraine, the USA, Poland and Sweden. In the state of California, they made a house on wheels from local raw materials with Ukrainian binding material.

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