VTS Komplekt

"VTS Komplekt" deals with commercial ventilation and manufactures ventilation automation systems.

"VTS Komplekt" created an innovative project Сardboard AHU. This is an ecological household ventilation unit with high energy efficiency indicators for centralized air exchange systems.

The main feature of these recuperators is the body made of structural types of cardboard with a special water-resistant coating. The use of honeycomb or multi-layer corrugated cardboard significantly reduces the cost of the unit, because for household devices, the production of the housing is the most expensive and energy-consuming stage. An equally important advantage is lower CO emissions2 .

After receiving the Climate Voucher, "VTS Komplekt" began to cooperate with the industrial design bureau ARTKB on designing, prototyping and testing the device.

The developers strive to make a product that will be available to everyone at the cost of the recuperator price. "VTS Komplekt" is working on setting up production - Ukrainian and European companies are already interested in the product.

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