The company has developed the technology of 3D printing with titanium wire of parts designed to work under conditions of high loads, weather conditions and extreme temperatures, in particular, in the aerospace industry.

The technology, called xBeam 3D Metal Printing, is significantly cheaper, safer and faster than 3D printing with titanium powder. For the production of 1 kg of titanium parts by the milling method, 20-30 kg are required. of raw material forming 35 kg. CO2 emissions. xBeam 3D Metal Printing technology allows you to produce such a weight using only 3-5 kg of titanium, reducing the waste of expensive and strong metal by 6-10 times.

Thanks to Climate Innovation Vouchers, the company received software for automating printing and integrating its 3D printer with leading programs for computer-aided design (CAD systems). Also

Today, the company has patents in the USA and Germany. xBeam3D also built and tested the first large industrial metal 3DP system, the xBeamGrand. This is one of the largest vacuum chambers for 3D printing in Europe!

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