10 Ukrainian companies will receive about half a million euros from the EBRD and the EU for the development of "green" innovations


On March 19, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union announced ten Ukrainian companies that became the winners of the third wave of the grant program "Climate Innovation Vouchers". Thanks to this program, companies will receive grants totaling 442,000 euros for the development and implementation of "green" technologies. 

Each of the grantee companies will receive up to 50,000 euros for innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and combat climate change. Grants will cover up to 75% of costs for the development and implementation of technologies throughout the business cycle, from prototyping and certification to the development of new production lines.

Ukraine became the first country where the EBRD implemented the Innovation Vouchers scheme in 2017. In 2020, the Bank continued the operation of "Climate Innovation Vouchers" within the framework of the new stage of the program EU and EBRD provided 29 Ukrainian companies with climate innovation vouchers in the total amount of 1.2 million euros. Public organization Greencubator has been successfully implementing the program in Ukraine since its launch in 2017. 

10 innovative companies, winners of the third wave of "Climate Innovation Vouchers"

"MICROL" – helps businesses manage energy and water consumption using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, thus minimizing waste and contributing to savings.

"MAITEK PLUS" – helps the hospitality sector become energy efficient with smart heating management systems.

Research and production company "Prodecologia" – will receive AI-based software for its automatic sorting lines, which will increase the processing depth of polymers and e-waste to 90% and use half the energy.

Hajster – helps to reduce CO₂ emissions in heating systems by switching to Ukrainian-made heat pumps, where climate control equipment software will be created at the expense of the Climate Voucher.

RMC Manufacturer Company - instead of the usual refrigerating units based on freon, which is aggressive to the atmosphere, it creates climate-friendly refrigerating units of a new generation with a refrigerant based on carbon dioxide.

One Innovation Water Technologies offer an alternative to disposable water purification cartridges in the reverse osmosis system due to the freezing process.

Luaz Motors – combines electric vehicles and accessibility systems for drivers with disabilities.

"Agrosolum" – offers rapid scaling of precision field treatment using UAVs to replace traditional wheeled spraying and fertilizer application systems. 

ELEEK - develops new models of electric bicycles and plans to bring them to the international market.

K.tex – produces medical, construction and industrial non-woven materials, develops the production of non-woven materials from secondary fibers (textile waste) and creates a digital platform for cooperation with clothing manufacturers and raw material suppliers.

About the "Climate Innovation Vouchers" grant scheme

Grant competition "Climate Innovation Vouchers" is a component of the program EBRD Climate Change Finance and Technology Transfer Center (FINTECC), which is supported by the EU within the initiative EU4CLIMATE. It has been implemented in Ukraine since 2017 NGO "Greencubator".

"Climate Innovation Vouchers" is one of the largest grant competitions in Ukraine for innovators in the field of green and climate-friendly technologies. Ukraine became the first country in the EBRD region where the Bank launched the Innovation Vouchers program. 

The contest supports Ukrainian small and medium-sized businesses that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and prevent climate change. Grants of up to 50,000 euros cover 75% of costs for the declared services. 

Companies can use the voucher to develop and implement "green" innovations at various stages of their activity — from intellectual property protection and industrial design of prototypes to product certification and design of their production facilities. 


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