The developer of electric bikes that entered the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest distance traveled on a single charge. The company started out as a delivery service and initially upgraded imported bikes for its fleet. Later, the company began to develop and manufacture its own electric bikes. In 2017, the Delfast electric bike became a world record holder, having traveled the longest distance of 367 km on a single charge.

Thanks to the voucher, the company:

  • Got a new on-board computer and battery controller for electric bikes.
  • Advanced frame design
  • Protected intellectual property
  • Received the right to assign VIN (vehicle identification number), which is necessary for any transport on autobahns and highways.

The Delfast OFFROAD model was recognized as one of the best electric bikes in the world by version New Atlas in 2019.

Despite the corona crisis, the company increased sales by 362%, reaching $2 million in 2020

Delfast signed an agreement with the Mexican police, started selling cargo bikes and released an updated model of Delfast TOP 3.0 bikes. In February 2021, the company raised USD 3.4 million for the construction of its own plant in Ukraine and the intensification of production.

More in the project greencubator and Ukrainian "Green Expedition":


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