Charge Group

Charge Group is an integrated controller for managing charging stations for electric cars with a billing system and a WiFi point.

The first charging station OnCharge, which supports the OCPP protocol and is certified according to European standards, was made in a metal case, but now, thanks to the climate voucher, the case will be replaced by a plastic one. Among the advantages of the plastic case: 67 times less weight, which is important for logistics and during installation; 24 times lower production cost, as well as higher manufacturability, which will reduce the role of the human factor and increase quality control. All this provides a significant competitive advantage, saving resources, as well as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the process of manufacturing charging stations.

Charge Group received a climate voucher for the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The company has created an OCPP-compatible cloud service and billing for charging stations with support for VISA/MasterCard payment systems.


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