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Every day Cellwood equipment saves 1.5 million trees from being harvested. Recycling of waste paper is made possible by our machine systems, found in hundreds of paper mills around the world. Key values with our solutions are higher paper quality and lower energy demand in the production. We are also active in the bioenergy industry, with solutions for pre-treatment of organic waste. We provide full scope of R&D and testing services for paper producers which use different biowastes in order to make their products qualitative, cost-efficient and sustainable.




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  • R&D послуги (дизайну технологій, прикладні дослідження, тощо)
  • Тестування







Kaj Trymell, Production manager
e-mail: kaj.trymell@cellwood.seas@releaf-paper.com
Телефон:+380939344848; +46 380 76000


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Storgatan 53 SE-571 32 Nässjö Sweden

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