The new wave of "Climate Innovation Vouchers" will start on July 20, 2023!

20.07.2023 17:00,

Overcoming the difficult circumstances of the war with Russia together, thanks to the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union, we strive to support business and announce the start of the third wave of grant aid for "green" innovators

  • What help do participants receive?

"Climate Innovation Vouchers" is one of the largest grant programs in Ukraine that support "green" innovations and promote the creation of climate-oriented technologies

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses can receive up to EUR 50,000 for the development of projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency.

Last year 13 Ukrainian companies successfully received Climate Vouchers for a total amount of 500,000 euros and are already implementing their own "green" solutions and implementing European standards, because Ukraine is steadily moving towards EU membership.

  • Who can participate in the competition?
  • Entrepreneurs who develop or implement ecological and energy-efficient technologies; 
  • registered legal entities (private companies) that have been operating on the territory of Ukraine for at least 1 year;
  • belong to the small and medium business sector;
  • businesses that are ready to co-finance the project at the level of at least 25% of the grant amount.
  • How to register?

You can find out more about the conditions of the competition on the page For applicants.

You can register for the online opening of the third wave of "Climate Innovation Vouchers" by following the link -


The "Climate Innovation Vouchers" project is a component of the EBRD program "Technology and Finance Transfer Center in the Field of Climate Change" (FINTECC), which is supported by the EU as part of the EU4CLIMATE initiative. In 2017, Ukraine became the first country to use the innovative voucher scheme proposed by the EBRD.

Application for participation in the event

Registration form for the event (Not the main one)


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