13 Ukrainian companies received Climate Innovation Vouchers worth 500,000 euros


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Union (EU) will supportsmall and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), implementing effective green solutions in Ukraine. UkraineThis will include €500,000 of new grants to be awarded at anonline event in Kyiv. It is the first such event to take place since Russia invaded the countryon 24February.

Thirteen innovative Ukraine-based companies have beenawarded Climate Innovation Vouchers and will receive up to€50,000 each to develop and implement new green technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency and prevent climate change.

The Bank has committed to fully aligning its activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement by the end of 2022. Such initiatives are a good example of how, while helping Ukrainian firmsto meet their immediate needs, the Bank is also helping them to develop the innovations and technologies that will underpin a greener, better Ukraine in future.

This year, some of themost popular areas fordevelopment among the award beneficiaries are intellectual property protection, certification,software development andengineering. The project provides funding for green technologies in various areas, from the modernisation of production lines to the protection of intellectual property.

This year’s winners are:

"Re-Leaf Technologies" production of paper from fallen leaves and recycled fibre; reduces CO22 to 78 per cent, employs principles of circular economy, reduces energy and water usage.

"Frendt» development of hardware and software for farmers and agriculture; adjusts processes for the most efficient use of agricultural resources, reduces climate impact.

"Input Soft» software as a service (SaaS) platform for resources and data management of airports on the ground; reduces emissions and fuel consumption of fleets on the ground.

"Meredith» development of wireless charging stations for micro-mobility; reduces carbon footprint.

"Gardarica Tress» development of anagricultural navigator device; reduces fuel costs, as well as theuse of oils and lubricants, plant protection products, fertilisers and seeds.

"Advansys» Advisor Scada is the company’s service for efficient real-estate management, to minimise the energy consumption of real estate.

"Carbominer» proprietary technology for capturing CO22 from the open air and feeding it into greenhouses; reduces CO2 emissions.2.

"PDM Engineering» – software and hardware suite for monitoring, prediction and optimisation of power consumption; improves energy efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint of electricity production.

Group of companies "Teplotechnika" - ReCon is an integrated software andhardware solution for heat metering in older apartment buildings with vertical heat distribution; switches billing for heating from norm-based to consumption-based;manages consumption by installing thermostats on radiators and investing in energy efficiency;provides water metering services.

"Hemp technologies" development of hemp-based prefabricated wall panels; offsets a significant amount of CO22 from construction materials; offers housing products with better internal environment parameters.

"S.Lab» – development of biodegradable packaging material combining stem of technical hemp and mushroom mycelium; replaces styrofoam and other extruded plastic packaging materials.

"AEV Charging Factory» – development of electric vehicle (EV)charging stations for the domestic and international market; the most technologically advanced product for charging the majority of electric vehicles.

"Ecofactor Charge» production of a full range of EV charging stations for commercial and residential use.

The Climate Innovation Vouchers programme is part of the EBRD’s Center for Technology Transfer and Financing in the Field of Climate Change Prevention and Adaptation (FINTECC), supported by the EU the EU through its EU4Climate initiative..

In 2017, Ukraine became the first country to benefit from the scheme. To date, the EBRD and EU have awardedover €1 million to 30 local companies. In Ukraine, the programme is implemented by Greencubator a non-profit for sustainable entrepreneurship.


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