Завод на колесах для друку…труб. Історія українського Pipes.One



We are not talking about a huge building, but about a mobile installation that fits into a truck trailer and can print polymer pipes of the right size right on the construction site. Yes, you don't need to think about complicated logistics and finding warehouses. It is enough to contact the Ukrainian Pipes.One.

How did a company create the world's first tube printing plant on wheels? How does development help reduce air pollution? How can technology help restore Ukrainian agricultural lands? Read about it in the Greencubator article.

The story of Pipes.One is the first in the "Top of the Ukrainian Cleantech" series, where Greencubator tells the stories of 10 champions who received a Climate Innovation Vouchers grant at a key stage of their development and made giant leaps in the following years.

Read new stories on the pages Climate Innovation Vouchers and Greencubator. However, be careful! Nothing inspires to start a new business more than the stories of those who succeeded!

About the program:

Climate Innovation Vouchers is one of the largest grant programs in Ukraine for innovators in the field of green and climate-friendly technologies. It was initiated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and financed by the European Union. greencubator implements the program in Ukraine.


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