How to carry out a green transformation of the economy? Panel discussion on the development of Ukraine during the war and after the victory


March 19 at 4:30 p.m as part of the Award Ceremony for the winners of the Climate Innovation Vouchers panel discussion "Reinventing the economy of Ukraine. Green Horizons", which will be attended by experts from various sectors of Ukraine's economy, as well as those who create its future every day. 

The panel discussion will take place during the official award ceremony of the "Climate Innovation Vouchers" grant program. 10 Ukrainian companies will be announced at it, which will receive a total of €442,000 from the EBRD and the EU for the development and implementation of "green" technologies.  

About the panel discussion:

Topic: "Reinvention of the economy of Ukraine. Green horizons"

Date: March 19

Beginning of the ceremony: 16:30

Registration for the online broadcast:   

Panel discussion participants: 

  • Svyatoslav Pavlyuk, executive director of the Association "Energy-efficient cities of Ukraine" 
  • Yuriy Fomichev, mayor of Slavutych
  • Svyatoslav Svyatnenko, CEO and co-founder of Cyber/nnov8, Unicorn Nest
  • Inna Pidluska, Deputy Director of the International Renaissance Foundation 
  • Natalia Lytvyn, project coordinator of the NGO "Ecoclub" and the Coalition of NGOs and municipalities "Energy Transition"

Briefly about the panel: 

Green growth: Capital. Markets. Businesses. People. At the panel discussion, experts will discuss where to find financing for the green industrial reconstruction of Ukraine, how to develop "green" businesses and whether they can become new drivers of the growth of Ukraine's economy. 

The broadcast of the ceremony and discussion will be available online on the pages of Ukrainian social networks of the EBRD and Climate Innovation Vouchers, including Facebook and YouTube. To join online, please register using the link:   

For media accreditation and personal media presence at the event, contact [email protected] or phone +380961742208 (Daria)

About Climate Innovation Vouchers:

Grant competition "Climate Innovation Vouchers" is a component of the program EBRD Climate Change Finance and Technology Transfer Center (FINTECC), which is supported by the EU within the initiative EU4CLIMATE. It has been implemented in Ukraine since 2017 NGO "Greencubator".

"Climate Innovation Vouchers" is one of the largest grant competitions in Ukraine for innovators in the field of green and climate-friendly technologies. Ukraine became the first country in the EBRD region where the Bank launched the Innovation Vouchers program.


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