Success of the graduates of the project


Friends, we are proud of our winners and graduates of the program as their companies develop, grow and reach new heights. We have a lot to brag about this month as our beneficiaries have achieved a lot. Glad to share them with you.

What's up Meredith

Meredot, a company that develops wireless charging stations for micromobility and helps reduce the carbon footprint, has won an incredible victory by becoming part of the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator. This recognition from one of America's best accelerators confirms the potential and value of their innovative solutions.

Thanks to Techstars, the Meredot team had the opportunity to meet a world-class network of mentors, investors and fellow entrepreneurs, which further strengthens their mission of developing sustainable and efficient energy innovation.

Meredot, who develop wireless charging stations for micromobility that reduces the carbon footprint, have won the Climate Innovation Vouchers in 2022 and are now bringing their project to life!

What's up GO TO-U

The GO TO-U team also excelled at Techstars FounderCon, where Lyubov Artemenko, co-founder and director of the company, presented the platform with artificial intelligence. GO TO-U previously won the Climate Innovation Vouchers and developed software to improve the functionality of the charging station's mobile app and user interface.

According to the company, their platform is a testament to innovation, offering seamless integration for EV owners and contributing to a world where the journey is as green as the destination.

“Our mission is clear: to pave the way for a seamlessly connected, environmentally responsible and highly efficient transportation of the future. Our presence here allows us to present our cutting-edge solutions to a vibrant community of innovators. Ready for every step, we strive to engage, share experiences and build new horizons with each visitor. The atmosphere here is charged with collective drive and an undeniable desire for innovation," the company responded.

We are proud of our graduates and wish to discover global platforms for the presentation of our own company!

What's up Releaf Paper

Releaf Paper is recognized as the most famous Ukrainian green startup in the world. The company was included in the prestigious list of "Promising Ukrainian startups" by @startupfundua @techosystem_ua and @mintsyfra.official

“This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the support of our incredible community. We are extremely proud to be recognized as the leading green startup in Ukraine and represent the country in the world," the company responded.

Releaf Paper makes paper from fallen leaves and recycled pulp, reducing CO2 emissions to 78% and using circular economy principles. They also received a Climate Innovation Voucher and continue to promote their environmental solutions in the world.

What's up S. Lab

S.Lab won the IT Arena Startup Competition 2023. Their eco-friendly packaging solution, created from technical hemp and mushroom mycelium, is revolutionizing the industry in sustainable development. In addition, the company has obtained investments that confirm their successful work.

The company also received investments that were announced on stage for the first time in the 10 years of IT Arena's existence:

$100,000 from ambitious ZAS Ventures

$10,000 from the amazing angel investor Oleksandr Reminny

€100,000 from the entrepreneurial company Vesna Capital

This is an incredible success and we are of course very happy for the S.Lab team who are also winners of the Climate Innovation Vouchers in 2022!!!

What's up INPUT SOFT

A large amount of news is shared by INPUT SOFT

Their round was joined by 2 investors Serhiy Tokarev – co-founder and general partner of Roosh VC, and Adam Gashchyshyn – director of Roosh VC

The company took part in one of the largest IT conferences in Eastern Europe - IT ARENA.

INPUT SOFT was also included in the list of excellent and promising Ukrainian IT products and companies. This is a project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the "IT Ukraine" Association.

In addition, INPUT SOFT was included in the report on star companies that, according to 30 experts from various industries, will be prominent in the coming years. This report was prepared by the Ukrainian Startup Fund together with Techosystem with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

We are proud of our beneficiaries and wish them continued success in green innovation.

Now we are choosing new champions of Climate Innovation Vouchers! So follow our news on the website and on the pages of social networks!


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