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An international company, a leading supplier of innovative equipment and components for industrial consumers, a developer and manufacturer of modern automated systems for urban infrastructure and other high-tech equipment.





Delivery to Ukraine of electronic components, LED products and optoelectronics, power supplies and wireless components, electrical products, equipment for energy, industrial computers, etc. Equipment for automated control systems, equipment, and systems for solar energy, measuring devices, soldering equipment, and soldering materials.

Production and implementation of modern and energy-efficient equipment and systems for the infrastructure of a modern city based on GSM cellular communication resources, namely:

  • traffic light products and technical means of traffic control;
    urban street lighting control systems;
    integrated elevator dispatching system;
    the automated system of accounting and monitoring of water distribution and consumption with the function of dispatching the VNS and KNS;
    parking complexes and parking meters;
    GPS / GSM / GLONASS transport monitoring systems;
    electricity meters and electrical products;
    integrated dispatching system of transformer substations.

Provision of services:

contract production of both installation and large-scale batches of electronic products of any complexity – design, and production of printed circuit boards, complete set of products, execution of SMD and DIP installation, large-node assembly of devices.




  • Igor Vasiliev, Manager
  • e-mail: malk@sea.com.ua
  • Phone number: 442910041


Company address

Україна, 02094, г.Київ, ул. Краківська, 13-Б


тел.: +38 (044) 291 00 41

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