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The company has been successfully implementing advertising and production projects of any complexity for more than 10 years.

To satisfy the customer’s desire to stand out from the crowd of competitors, they offered consumers something that they had not seen before, something that they had not encountered before. Clients had more and more non-standard ideas, in the implementation of which they needed help. The company has implemented more than 1000 design and production works.





Services in brand design, adaptation of brand books, development of advertising materials, production of cases for devices, 3d modeling, industrial design, etc.




  • Sergey Dubnyakov, Development Director
  • e-mail: dubnyakov@neocon.com.ua
  • Phone number: +380662900882


Company A

Україна, Київ, ул. І. Кудрі, 2


тел. +38 (044) 495 26 96

тел. +38 (044) 495 26 50

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