Innovative company Bioinvest-Agro

The Bioinvest-Agro company specializes in the implementation of innovative adaptive technologies that contribute to increasing the productivity and quality of crop production, carries out experimental developments in the field of digital technologies and biotechnology for the agricultural sector, provides consulting services on adaptation to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the rural economy, as well as carbon footprint estimates. System biotechnological and digital solutions of the company allow: - to assess the carbon footprint of agricultural products using digital technologies and international data exchange standards, - to develop a complex of management and technological solutions for farming or a certain technology with the aim of greening and biologizing the process of growing agricultural crops, transition for the cultivation and production of organic products.


R&D services (technology design, applied research, etc.)

Development of IT components




Kyiv, Kaunaska, 3

contact person

Lytovchenko Andrii Mykolayovych


e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +38 (067) 403 93 46

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