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Research and Development

Technology and technology competition research for R&D, consulting on R&D and protection of intellectual property rights. Research is conducted on the basis of patent and scientific publications, as well as specialized analytical databases using the best tools and databases for this purpose (in particular,

All these tasks are solved using tools unique to Ukraine, such as the construction of patent landscapes, algorithmic assessment of the monetary value and quality of patents, identification of the most promising technologies, assessment of the life cycle of technologies, generalized assessment of technical problems of competitors' inventions, etc.

Such an approach and tools make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of R&D, develop a strong strategy for the protection of intellectual property rights, and also create quality patents that will have a high market value.



Development and improvement of innovative products. Including the search for technical solutions for the tasks of new developments (materials with specified properties, algorithms, equipment and processes, etc.)

Identifying the most promising directions for R&D and the most attractive markets and applications for innovative products.

Assessment of freedom of implementation and patentability of new solutions. Recommendations for achieving patentability of new solutions.

Development of a strategy for the protection of intellectual property.

Forecasting the development of technologies.



contact person

Volodymyr Bandura, director


e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +38 (067) 670 83 31


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