Heat pumps

We deal with energy-efficient solutions to ensure the microclimate of buildings based on heat pumps. We design, install and service heat pumps. We provide consultations on the selection of equipment and technical and economic justification of its use. Official distributor of the NIBE brand, a Swedish manufacturer of heat pumps. Since 2008, a large number of microclimate systems of commercial objects of various purposes have been modernized, which made it possible to significantly save on heating, cooling and reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


Sale, installation, maintenance and consulting on energy-efficient systems for ensuring the microclimate of premises



office 1-302, Forum Terminal, Stolichne shose, 100, Kyiv

contact person

Sparrow Vladyslav


e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +38 (096) 447 55 44

Examples completed works


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