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Evergreen IT Development

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Evergreen is a company specializing in the development of IT projects and products “from scratch”, the launch of these projects in the customer’s business and further development.

To save time on development, we will implement ready-made tested software or build your project using it – this is the Kwizbot chatbot platform, FaceID video and photo identification system and neural networks that are trained to recognize documents. Our mission is to create the best results for our customers ‘ business through the implementation of IT solutions.





  • Development of IT components
    R & D services (industrial product design, algorithm development, etc.)


Examples of completed works

Пресс-релиз_ДТЭК (1)_AZGCgqH3l

Пресс-релиз ВУСО_V9Qlkvbfc




Maria Kravtsova, COO

e-mail: mgerman@evergreens.com.ua

Phone number: +380962925888


Company address

Kyiv, Yaroslavskaya street 6


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