Roman Zinchenko and Olga Zubczyk visited the production of CIV beneficiary "Enzym"


Ukrainian entrepreneurs continue to work and implement "green" projects despite the war.

Recently, Zinchenko and Olga Zubczyk visited the production Enzym» in Lviv, where, as part of the implementation of Climate Innovation Vouchers, work on the first stage of the modernization of the 4th stage treatment facilities continues.

"To date, the existing T500 reactor has already been reconstructed in preparation for calcium removal, a scrubber for outgoing gases has been installed (thanks to which CO2 emissions have been reduced), and a waste return recycler has been installed," says Oleg Sova, technical director of "Enzym".

Thanks to the modernization, it will be possible not only to increase the efficiency of calcium extraction from 30% to 80%, but also to get an opportunity to increase biogas production. This will allow the company to completely abandon the consumption of natural gas, and in the future to convert excess biogas into electricity.

Enzym company - the largest producer and exporter of yeast in Ukraine. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company employs forced migrants from the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories. In the photo, you can see green ribbons on the map of Ukraine near the hometowns of Enzym employees. In addition, the company's employees are now at the front, protecting our country.

We are happy to cooperate with responsible and progressive Ukrainian companies that make a significant contribution to the implementation of "green" innovations and the development of the Ukrainian economy in general


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