FASHIONABLE REINCARNATION OF PLASTIC What happens if you stop talking about "plastic waste" and start a green business


Since 1950, people have produced 6.9 billion tonnes of single-use plastic waste. Unfortunately, only 9% of it is successfully recycled, while the rest ends up in landfills and waterways.

The Good Plastic Company has invented a way to stop the toxic flow of used plastic into nature. Under the Polygood brand #Polygoodthe company transforms ocean plastic, broken household appliances and used plastic tableware into long-lasting, elegant interior elements.

- Why do top designers and architects recognise Polygood?

What role did Mark Zuckerberg play in the creation of the company?

- What do recycled plastic shelving units look like in Nike or Samsung stores? Nike or Samsung?

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The story of The Good Plastic Company is a part of the series "The Cream of the Crop of Ukrainian Cleantech". greencubator It features 10 cleantech champions who received Climate Innovation Vouchers at a critical stage of their development and made giant leaps in the following years.

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About the programme:

Climate Innovation Vouchers is one of the largest grant programmes in Ukraine for innovators in green and climate-friendly technologies. It is initiated by the EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and funded by the European Union. Greencubator implements the programme in Ukraine.


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