Away from the wires! How Meredot brings contactless charging into the orbit of e-transport


Invisible charging for any e-vehicle.

Meredot, a company with Chernihiv-Oregon roots, has created a wireless energy transfer technology that allows you to charge devices at a distance of up to 30 cm.

It all started with a contactless socket, in the development of which the team invested only $500. Today, Meredot releases the third iteration of its product and operates in the American and European markets.

As Meredot has been improving its technology and how does it plan to capture the e-transportation market? Roman Bysko, its founder, told about this and more. Read more at the link:

Meredot's story is one of the "Top of the Ukrainian Cleantech" series, where Greencubator tells about 10 champions who received the Climate Innovation Vouchers grant at a key stage of their development and made giant leaps in the following years.

Read new materials on the pages of CIV and Greencubator. However, be careful! Nothing inspires to start a new business more than the stories of those who succeeded!

Climate Innovation Vouchers is one of the largest grant programs in Ukraine for innovators in the field of green and climate-friendly technologies. It was initiated by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and financed by the European Union. greencubator implements the program in Ukraine.


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