CIV beneficiaries implemented projects and received grant funds


"Laboratory of promising rocket engines" and the company "Dominion" recently completed the implementation of their projects and received grant funds within the framework of the "Climate Innovation Vouchers" project.

The companies became one of the six winners of the Climate Innovation Vouchers in 2021, and during this time they have been bringing their ideas to life.

Company "Dominion" developed a mobile plant based on a cargo trailer for the production of large-diameter polymer pipes directly on construction sites. This allows you to avoid the transportation of pipes from the place of manufacture to the place of installation, and therefore to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

"Laboratory of promising rocket engines" is finalizing the development of an unmanned aircraft for aerial application of pesticides or fertilizers, which will replace the obsolete An-2 agricultural aircraft.

The winners of the Vouchers, which were awarded in 2021, despite the state of war in Ukraine, continue to implement projects or are already completing them. 

We will remind, according to the terms of the project, after awarding and signing the contract, the beneficiaries together with the service providers implement the winning project. After successful implementation and reporting, beneficiaries receive grant funds.


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