5 common mistakes in grant applications - check yourself!


Sometimes promising projects are not selected because the application itself is poorly prepared. The Climate Innovation Vouchers team has prepared a list of typical mistakes made by participants 

1. Contest rules are not taken into account
Most often, the rules already contain many tips about how to complete the application and what special attention will be paid to. The rules always contain a lot of useful information for the grantor - requirements for participants, evaluation criteria, conditions of participation and restrictions. Carefully reading the rules is already half way to writing a winning application.

2. Vague and imprecise answers
Give clear answers to the application questions. Donors don't need lyrics, they expect specifics in your answers. Add numbers, research data, calculations and calculation formulas, etc. to your application. Write as clearly as possible and back up your words with facts and any documents that you think support and prove your point.

3. Team presentation is missing
Does your company have patents or does your product have certifications? Do you have important industry honors? Perhaps the project team has already implemented other cool projects? It is important to present the team as well, because ideas are implemented by people. Communicate this in your application to reinforce the expertise and value of your product or project.

4. A perspective vision of the idea is lacking
Perhaps your project is part of a larger process in your company. Perhaps the project has already been supported by other grants or investments? Mention it in the application, of course, if it does not conflict with the terms of the competition. Tell us how your company will develop after receiving the grant. Think of your project as part of global innovation trends and the process of combating climate change.

5. The application is submitted in the last days, when it is no longer possible to ask the necessary questions

We strongly advise you not to delay filling out the application until the last days before the deadline, as applicants in a hurry often make mistakes. In general, you should start the process of preparing the application as early as possible and visit consultations from project managers (https://bit.ly/46Ysjpr). This will help to formulate opinions, collect all necessary data and documents, clarify all questions and successfully apply for a grant.

Check and apply for a new wave of Vouchers until September 30, 2023 

About the contest

Acceptance of applications for #CIV on lasts only until September 30, 2023. Ukrainian businesses can receive up to 50,000 euros for the development or implementation of climate technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the efficiency of energy consumption. The winners will be able to use the Vouchers to pay for the services necessary to improve the innovations, their promotion to other markets, which stimulates a certain "breakthrough" in the development of the company and the scaling of the technology. These services include prototype design, certification, testing, patenting, development of IT components, marketing, etc.
All details about the competition - https://climate.biz

About consultations
Every Thursday during Online consultation on Climate Innovation Vouchers the project team answers questions and tells about the terms of participation.
To participate, you need to register - https://bit.ly/46Ysjpr


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