V.A.Solution helps offices to become energy efficient

//V.A.Solution helps offices to become energy efficient
V.A.Solution helps offices to become energy efficient 2020-01-30T14:09:29+00:00

Project Description

V.A.Solution is a Ukrainian provider of cloud-based solutions for the automation of real estate management. By the client’s request, it has started the development of an energy efficiency management module to supplement its Prengi real estate management platform.

After winning the Climate Innovation Vouchers, V.A.Solution has enhanced its core product to allow complex automation of energy efficiency management, including gathering data on energy consumption, maintaining HVCA equipment register, controlling levels of energy consumption related to base indicators, initiating payments automatically, choosing investment priorities, etc. This product has already saved 10-15% of energy for some large commercial and industrial facilities — shopping malls, business centers, logistics centers, retail chains, warehouses, etc.

The Climate Innovation Voucher has helped V.A.Solution to bring energy efficiency expertise needed for developing the core algorithms of its software.

Project Details