Obolon Oil and its poly euro diesel made of waste

//Obolon Oil and its poly euro diesel made of waste
Obolon Oil and its poly euro diesel made of waste 2020-01-30T15:46:20+00:00

Project Description

Obolon Oil is a regional subsidiary of Ukraine’s major beverages’ bottler, handling the task of plastic recycling and utilization. 

For over 10 years the company has been developing technology for converting waste plastic into fuel. Currently, their technology allows processing hard to reuse polymeric waste – plastic packaging and sacks, canisters, plastic boxes, and bottles, – into diesel motor fuel and syngas. The company uses  “poly euro diesel”, as they call their motor fuel, for its own fleet and sells it to the local clients. It’s greener than traditional diesel as it does not require energy-intensive oil extracting and processing. The Obolon Oil solution helps to solve waste plastic problem, reduces greenhouse gas emissions from fuel production,  and prevents toxins’ release from plastic waste.

Obolon Oil has developed a mobile complex uses for processing waste plastic into fuel at remote landfills and waste plastic storage sites. 

Climate Innovation Voucher has helped Obolon Oil to turn its mobile plastic processing complexes into autonomous solar-powered units. That allows waste plastic treatment at sites without electricity supply and without burning the fuel, thus significantly greening its waste-to-fuel production process.

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