Meest Express makes logistic business greener

//Meest Express makes logistic business greener
Meest Express makes logistic business greener 2020-01-08T10:05:01+00:00

Project Description

Meest Express is Ukraine’s second largest postal operator, and one of the leaders of the parcel delivery market.

The company has launched its Green Logistics program under the EBRD contract. During its carbon footprint assessment has identified hub-to-hub routes as a major source of CO2 emissions from its operations.

To tackle this challenge, Meest Express has introduced software for optimising the loading, scheduling and routing of its trucks serving hub-to-hub routes. The system works in real-time mode and assists dispatchers to make the best decision on loading and scheduling vehicles. This results in lower empty ratios of trucks thus reducing per-parcel CO2 emissions. This software is also responsible for further control of trucks’ locations.

Implementation of the system has reduces the number of involved trucks in hub-to-hub logistics, increased fuel efficiency and allowed the company to achieve 7% CO2 emissions reduction.

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