Istrim and air pollution control at home

//Istrim and air pollution control at home
Istrim and air pollution control at home 2020-01-30T14:07:41+00:00

Project Description

Istrim is a Ukrainian developer of GPS monitoring systems for fleet management and tracking. The company has invested its knowledge and experience to create a window-embedded air quality control system for homes. It has an integrated air pollution control, named URBAN.

This product has smart and energy-efficient ventilation. It provides notifications on critical outdoor air pollution, collects outdoor air quality data for community or local authorities. By using sensors and microcontrollers URBAN can provide an optimal inflow of clean air while avoiding the loss of energy typical for the traditional window opening. In case of a spike of outdoor air pollution URBAN shuts the air vents. These devices can be integrated into the network and gather data for further air quality analysis.

With a Climate Innovation Voucher, the company has completed its MVP (electronics and industrial design) and moved forward to a production stage.

Project Details