Integro SD — producers of organic fertilizers

//Integro SD — producers of organic fertilizers
Integro SD — producers of organic fertilizers 2020-01-31T20:29:18+00:00

Project Description

Integro SD is a Ukrainian producer of organic fertilizers, converting the animal waste from small poultry farms into the nutrients for green farming. The company sources chicken manure from organic farms only. That’s why its fertilizers do not contain harmful chemicals. The company works with farms not suitable for classical biogas plants.

Integro SD has developed a biogas station for processing animal manure into organic fertilizers while capturing biomethane and using it for warming the methane tanks. The plant already produces up to 40 m3 of biogas per day, replacing about 232 kW/h of electricity from the grid per day, or 81 MW/h per year.

Climate Innovation Voucher has helped Integro SD to develop the automation system for its waste-to-fertilizer facility and obtains certification needed to sell its organic fertilizers at the  EU markets.


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