Effective biogas facilities in the East of Ukraine

//Effective biogas facilities in the East of Ukraine
Effective biogas facilities in the East of Ukraine 2019-09-17T01:46:21+00:00

Project Description

Ecoprod is a Ukrainian agri-holding active in cattle farming, dairy production, grain processing, and storage. The company also operates one of the largest biogas facilities in the East of Ukraine. The company develops microbiological additives that intensify biomethane formation. Such technology reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural waste.

The productivity of currently available biogas facilities is limited by the maximum permissible load of dry matter and the time that raw materials spend in bioreactors. This leaves some of the raw materials not fully decomposed. Ecoprod’s product boosts methanogenic microflora hence accelerating source material decomposition.

The product is a bacterial mix that allows to process more agricultural waste per certain period and increase biogas output by 10-30%. Ecoprod mix is useful in any biogas plant independently of fermentation, temperature conditions, and the number of technical phases.

The voucher helps Ecoprod to design a production lab for cultivating bacteria for the methanogenic boosters and operational regulations.

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