BIOsens and its portable agriculture laboratory

//BIOsens and its portable agriculture laboratory
BIOsens and its portable agriculture laboratory 2020-01-31T19:20:57+00:00

Project Description

BIOsens has developed a portable device for the rapid diagnosis of mycotoxins in crops. The secret is in using its Biosens Myco biosensors. This gadget provides a quick and cheap test for mycoses and detects contamination in maize, wheat, peanut, feed, and other crops right on the field. Thus, there is no need for lengthy and expensive lab tests.

Early detection of crop contamination by mycoses will save significant resources for crop logistics, extraction, detoxification and reprocessing. Also, this process reduces the emissions of CO2 and other environmental pollutants.

Climate Innovation Voucher helped BIOsens to develop an upgraded industrial design for their prototype and perform the pilot testing of MVP.

Project Details