Climate Innovation Vouchers: Welcome the winners of the fifth stage!

On the 10th of April, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Delegation of European Union to Ukraine and Greencubator announced the winners of the 5th stage of Climate Innovation Vouchers program. A panel discussion on financing for climate innovations in Ukraine proceeded the award ceremony. 5 Ukrainian companies became the winners and received funding [...]

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Green business infographics: the first year of Climate Innovation Vouchers

Climate Innovation Vouchers — the largest climate grants program in Ukraine. 26 Ukrainian cleantech companies got financial support during its four stages. Summary The Climate Innovation Vouchers program is the part of FINTECC program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, funded by the European Union and implemented by Greencubator. Program rules define climate [...]

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Green light for green innovations — another six Ukrainian companies received funding for cleantech technologies

At the Forum "Ecoinnovations and green entrepreneurship: made in Ukraine", the winners of the fourth stage of the Climate Innovation Vouchers program were awarded. This is the largest grant program for climate and low-carbon technology companies provided in Ukraine. It is launched as a part of the EBRD program “Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for [...]

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5 more Ukrainian developers of climate-friendly technologies receive EUR 170 000 from EU and EBRD under Climate Innovation Vouchers scheme

The 3rd stage of “Climate Innovation Vouchers” program brought EUR 170 000 of innovation grants for 5 Ukrainian companies developing climate-positive technologies.  Climate Innovation Vouchers will help program awardees to boost the development, certification, and speed-up time-to-market for their GHG-reducing, resource- and energy-efficiency advancing solutions.  The winners of the third wave of the CIV projects [...]

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Second Application Call of CIV Results Webinar (recorded version available)

If you did not manage to join us last Friday, here is a link for recorded version of  the Webinar - During the webinar we analyzed results of the Second Application Call of Climate Innovation Vouchers and advised how to send your future application. Please, note that next Application Call continues until the end of [...]

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10 more Ukrainian companies to receive EUR 400 000 of climate innovations funding from EU and EBRD

The second stage of “Climate Innovation Vouchers” program brought EUR 400 000 of innovation grants for 10 Ukrainian companies developing climate-positive technologies. Climate Innovation Vouchers will help program awardees to boost the development and speed-up time-to-market for their GHG-reducing, resource- and energy-efficiency advancing solution. The winners of the Climate Innovation Vouchers 2nd wave are: Autoenterprise [...]

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II wave Award Ceremony

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Ukrainian Energy Innovation Network Greencubator invite for Climate Innovation Voucher Program (CIV) II stage Award Ceremony on January 16. Greencubator team selected II stage awardees during October-December 2017 from over 40 ukrainian companies applied for CIV. Sectoral experts and representatives of Kyiv and London EBRD offices also took part in [...]

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Climate Innovative Voucher Program Presentations- summaries

From December 11 to December 14, Greencubator team visited seven cities with presentations of the EU and EBRD Climate Innovation Vouchers Program. Thanks to everyone who joined the presentations, we were very pleased to meet so many innovative companies! We are back online and officially announce that the Climate Innovation Vouchers next call will start [...]

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Greencubator will present Innovationa Vouchers Program in regions

The Greencubator team is starting informational tour for introducing Ukrainian companies with the opportunity to receive Climate Innovation Vouchers from the EU and EBRD. During the presentations on December 11-14, Greencubator team will explaine the rules of participation in the Climate Innovation Voucher Program (CIV) and the present an experience of companies that have already [...]

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Ukrainian companies benefit from new funding for climate technology innovation

EU and EBRD support new scheme to promote greenhouse gas reduction and improve energy-efficient technologies Six Ukrainian companies have been chosen as recipients of Climate Innovation Vouchers (CIVs), a new scheme aimed at the development and improvement of technologies reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving energy consumption in Ukraine. Businesses and consultancies from Kiev, [...]

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