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The Program’s team is looking for the companies that are currently in a position to implement projects resulting in  greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

 Climate tech manufacturers and suppliers

These are the companies that develop and offer climate innovations as their own product. In order to apply for the Innovative Vouchers Program, such companies need to have technological products that:

• reduce the use of fossil fuels and save energy,
• increase the use of renewable energy sources,
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural processes,
• facilitate adaptation to climate change,
• reduce greenhouse gas emissions in any other way.

Users of climate technologies

These are the companies that intend to reduce their CO2 emissions and need to implement the latest technological solutions for this purpose. They can also be partially financed in terms of the Innovative Vouchers Program.
Such companies need to submit a project that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a result of their own operations. The reduction can be achieved by decreasing the energy intensity or volume of production, diminishing logistics costs, optimizing various types of algorithms or business processes, etc.

Requirements to potential Beneficiaries

To participate in the Innovative Vouchers Competition, a company must meet a specified set of requirements:

  • It must be a private legal entity
  • The ultimate Beneficiary must be a Ukrainian citizen (at least one of the final Beneficiaries)
  • It has to be in business for 2 years and more
  • Must have a stable financial position and no legal proceedings have ever been (or currently are) initiated against it
  • It cannot be related to the Service Provider (more information below)

Services Providers

Service Providers is an important part of the Program. These are the organizations that implement projects for Beneficiaries: climate technology developers and climate technology users. A typical Service Provider is an engineering bureau or design company that implements a proposed project for the Beneficiary and receives payment from the EBRD. The Beneficiary, on the other hand, obtains the completed project (service).

The Service Provider must have expertise in the following areas:

  • R&D services (technology design, application study of the product, etc.)
  • Equipment testing
  • Equipment certification
  • Development and protection of intellectual property
  • Software development
  • Other climate technology services

Please find additional information about Service Providers on the Rules page.

Requirements for Service Providers

A company that offers its services as a Service Provider and is willing to take part in the Innovative Vouchers Competition must meet the following requirements:

  • It has to posess at least 2 years of experience in offering similar services
  • It must be able to provide recommendations from at least 2 other organizations who have already been provided with similar services by this company
  • It must be based in Ukraine
  • It must have a stable financial position, it has never declared bankruptcy and no legal proceedings have ever been (or currently are) initiated against it
  • It cannot be in relations with a company that develops or uses climate technologies (the company that presents its project for us to consider)

Criteria for project evaluation

The project that receives Vouchers has to fully meet all the requirements indicated below. This means that it should not only reduce emissions or energy consumption but also be innovative.

Proposed projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The potential for GHG emission reductions. How much is the proposed project capable to reduce CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions?
  • The possibility of scaling up and using or implementing the technology in other sectors. Can this technology or product be scaled up? Can the innovations related to this technology be used or implemented in other sectors or industries?
  • What is the level of innovation? How far does this technology or product can move innovation boundaries? Is this a completely new product or just an adaptation or a new version of the existing solution?
  • Market potential. Is this technology, product or project likely to develop and inspire the climate innovation market? Is it able to help the Beneficiary gain a part of the market that was not available in the past or change the entire ecosystem of climate innovations in Ukraine?

Project results

The projects that receive co-financing under the Innovative Vouchers Program should demonstrate positive results both in reducing emissions and developing the businesses of the companies that receive them. The results will be evaluated by the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Reducing energy use
  • Reducing the use of resources
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emission
  • Increasing the number of intellectual property objects
  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing the number of external investments
  • Growing exports and entering new markets