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Vikonsalt Alliance

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Products and their products in various fields have specific subtleties in the design of permits, in promotion on the market.

The company is ready to advise on the prospects, procedures, and budget for the promotion of any product, from the creation of a trademark to a full package of documents for the import, production, sales, or export of products.

There are no small things in business – everything has its own meaning and everything is connected, which is why for 15 years the company has always tried to use a comprehensive analysis when solving customer problems.





  • Registration and protection of intellectual property
    Product promotion



Examples of completed works





Lyudmila Sozonyuk, Specialist in the field of certification and declaration

e-mail: slb@viconsult.com.ua

Phone number: +38 044 577-5777


Company Address

Україна, 02140, г. Київ, ул. ЄЛИЗАВЕТИ ЧАВДАР, д. 2, квартира 142

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