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Specializes in creating innovative database management systems for automating the activities of food and entertainment facilities, especially cinemas.

Areas of activity of the company: system and application software. The company has developed a unique system of “Maverick” – individually customizable software for cinemas. Already today, the Maverick system has no analogues in the country in terms of its capabilities. We have also developed a software-a unique product that allows you to simultaneously manage the work of the entire network of cinemas and any business in the entertainment sector. We use: Redmine, MySQL, Tomcat, SceneBuilder, JavaFX, Java 8, vue.js, etc. They are residents of the Hi-Tech Park





System and application software



Examples of completed works





Anastasia Netkacheva – Director

e-mail: a.netkacheva@cinemalab.io

Phone number: 8(044)5709077


Company Address

г. Минск, ул. Скрыганова, д.6, к. 2, офис 12а


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