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LLC ” Ragu Media”

All Belarus

Ragoo Creative is an agency with expertise in social media.

It was founded in 2016. The company’s clients are: VOKA, LG, the Russian Sea, MTBank, Geely, the Island of Purity and Taste, Toyota, Bellakt, Exponenta, Kaltenberg, KIA, CAR4YOU, Carl’s Jr., Askona, Samsonite, NISSAN, Krynitsa, anytime, TELE2, Gazpromneft, Holy Source. We are engaged in: Strategy (research and analytics, communication strategy, brand strategy, product strategy). Creative and communication (creative concepts and scenarios, influencer marketing, special projects, digital PR, advertising campaigns). SMM (social media presence strategy, reputation management, social media management, content creation, digital PR).





  • Development of brand and communication strategies
    Development and implementation of advertising campaigns in the digital environment
    Design (digital branding, visual concepts of social networks, sticker pack development, KV and banner development, graphic design, motion design)
    Production and development (promotional sites, AR masks for social networks, phygital activations, photo and video production, podcast creation, Youtube channel, TikTok)
    HR (HR branding and strategy, special projects, gamification, recruiting advertising campaigns, SMM for the HR brand)
    IT (MVP testing, application promotion)




Vladislav Chizh, Vladislav Klimovets-General Director

e-mail: vch@ragoo.by, sales@ragoo.by

Phone number: +375 (29) 604-84-73


Company Address

г. Минск, ул. Тростенецкая 3, офис 502 А

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