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Individual Entrepreneur Sandrigailo Dmitry Vladimirovich

All Belarus

  • An integrated, environmentally safe approach to the restoration of the ecosystem contaminated with oil sludge, with the production of marketable products, and the complete restoration of the biological potential of the contaminated site, which is based on biological methods of cleaning the soil contaminated with oil product waste, with the help of special microorganisms.




  • Services in the field of introduction of microbiological technologies for processing complex types of pollutants – oil sludge, bitumen and fuel oil waste, waste storage of petroleum products, waste of roofing material, soil contaminated with petroleum products, MICROPLASTICS in the soil




e-mail: 3968888@mail.ru
Phone number: +375293968888


Company Address

220020, г. Минск, ул. Л. Украинки, 6/4/96

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