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Development of electronics and mechanics on a contract basis. Industrial designers, designers, electronics engineers and technologists work.

There is its own production. More than 30 pieces of equipment. In our work, we use the practices of “lean” production.




  • R & D services (industrial product design, algorithm development, etc.)
    Mechanical engineering: metal structures, robotics, gadgets, housings and accessories;
    Electronics and low-level software development: industrial automation, Internet of Things: BLE, LoRa, NB-IoT and GSP, AWS; power supplies and BMS;
    Conducting computer simulations: CFD and FEA; kinematics simulations and power calculations, heat and mass transfer, phase transitions;
    Prototyping, preparation for the production and manufacture of experimental batches of devices.



Examples of completed works

Отзыв_Файнетсрина_от Урютина__cML4GzBd

2021 EnCata_H67Tl0OYL

Отзыв_Куби_от Хотина_N8QIcKHMF




  • Vadim Myadelets, Business Development Director
  • e-mail: vm@encata.net
  • Phone number: +375295007118


Company address

222750, Минская обл, Дзержинский р-н,  г.Фаниполь, ул.Заводская, 29В, пом. 19

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