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Consulting company ” Auditenergo”

All Belarus

The company is a specialized organization that carries out work in the field of energy management and energy conservation.

Provides expert assistance in solving problems of energy efficiency and energy saving based on the use of modern scientific and technical solutions, taking into account the problems and specifics of each customer. We carry out complex work in the field of accounting, rationing the consumption of fuel and energy resources, and the development of energy-saving measures with their feasibility study. To perform these works, our company employs experienced specialists who have the necessary certificates of competence of the National Conformity Assessment System of the Republic of Belarus. The industrial base is equipped with a set of necessary measuring equipment and devices (for measuring temperature, pressure, flow, illumination, the composition of outgoing flue gases, heat flux density, thermal imaging examination, etc.).





  • R&D services (technology design, applied research)
    calculation of technical and economic efficiency, saving energy resources, reducing harmful emissions
    energy audit



Alexander Mikhailovich Myslik

myslik@yandex.by, ammyslik@gmail.com



Company address

246029, РБ,  г. Гомель, ул. Братьев Лизюковых, 14а, 2-18; 2-20

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