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BelHard Development LLC

All Belarus

The company is a specialized IT company with the aim of improving the quality of development, increasing the speed of business processes of software development.

He is a resident of the Hi-Tech Park. The main direction of the software development of BelHard Development LLC is the development of ERP systems of high complexity for the international market.





  • Development of IT components
    Custom software development (desktop, distributed, web applications) and its further support, including high complexity and information security
    Reengineering and migration of legacy applications to a modern environment
    Implementation of existing applications in the client’s system
    Creating an environment and various tools to speed up software development processes
    of R&D services (technology design, applied research, etc.)



Petrik Olga Mikhailovna

e-mail: petrikom@belhard.com

Phone number: +375 29 614 1180


Company Address

220113, г. Минск, пер. Ломоносова, д.5, каб.25

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